Hunting for the perfect find takes work. It's a long process, but we love it.

Sift is an app and desktop plug-in that assists with the user’s hunt of finding clothing by universally filtering, using 3-Dimensional interactive models, emphasizing transparency, and saving products to organized hauls.

Search. Save. Sort
Let's enjoy the thrill of the hunt!




Users are able to set personalized filtering preferences that Sift applies across all brands, allowing users to compare fashion items more efficiently.

Mimicking an in-person clothing rack, users can swipe through an interactive 3-D view of products to accurately assess the form and quality of the product. Within the specific product pages, there are curated reviews, material comparisons and sizing assistance for a holistic understanding of the item before saving.

These ‘saves’ are sorted into hauls that are organized based on user curation. The products can also be prioritized and ranked within these hauls to encourage ‘round-based’ decision making.Sift is made for the hunters

Defining 'The Hunter'

The hunter is the habitual purchaser that thrives off act of finding; they enjoy the “hunt” for the perfect product in knowing that they discovered the find.

Strategy infused with passion.

Sift separates itself by having universal filtering, prioritizing trust, and imitating in person actions. By mimicking the mental models of brick and mortar shopping through clothing racks and shopping bags, the user feels the emotional connection that tactile in-person shopping produces.”This might be good for the second “strategy infused” spot at bottom of page